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Darau nedidelę išimtį ir tik šioje temoje - įkeliu informaciją neišverstą anglų kalba (tiesiog nėra laiko tai išversti) :?

Nuorolinės paskaitos.

Šios savaitės paskaita - Expedition to the End of the World: Neblina, Duida and the Western Tepuis.
Friday 29th, 8:00 pm UK Time


Meeting ID: 893 9300 8526

In 2004, I was very fortunate to take part in (what remains) by far, the most epic expedition I have been involved in (out of 300+ expeditions). With two friends, I charted two helicopters and two cessnas to transport fuel, and set out to reach Neblina, Aracamuni, Avisa, Aratityope Duida and other Western Tepuis.

We set out to rediscover several lost carnivorous plant species (Drosera meristocaulis, Heliamphora macdonaldae, H. neblina, H. parva and the possible carnivorous orchid Aracamunia).

We reached mountains (which still today, less than 10 people have ever stood on), met fascinating Amerindian tribes little impacted by the outside world, encountered iridescent-blue Stegolepis hitchcockii, a near run in with a deadly fer-de-lance snake and even had an unfortunate machette incident along the way!

This talk is all about travel to EXTREMELY remote locations, amazing plants, interesting animals, danger and adventure!

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Praėjusių savaičių paskaitos:


A lecture about the lost world mountains (tepuis or tepuyes) of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana.

This lecture covers the discovery and exploration of the tepuis, and provides an overview of the biogeography, animals, plants and landscapes of these remarkable "lost world" mountains.

Subjects covered include the explorers Walter Raleigh, Robert Schomburgk, Richard Schomburgk, Everard Im Thurn, Mount Roraima, Jimmy Angel, Angel Falls, Heliamphora (pitcher plants), Drosera (sundews), iridescent-leaved plants, Stegolepis and more.

Watch Here: https://youtu.be/7c7tv0ua714


A lecture about the spectacular Heliamphora pitcher plants that grow across the Guiana Highlands of Venezuela and borderlands of Guyana and Brazil.

Heliamphora is a genus of spectacular carnivorous plants that produce pitchers up to 40 cm tall. Most species grow atop of the tepui (tepuy) mountains, South America's so-called "lost worlds".

Watch Here: https://youtu.be/XSvnwmreIOc


A lecture by Stewart McPherson on the unique and amazing cultures and tribes of New Guinea and surrounding islands, covering:

- the world's most spectacular carnivorous plants (including the most beautiful and most interesting species of EVERY genus of carnivorous plants);

- the question of whether carnivorous plants can eat vertebrates;

- and a couple of plant hunting stories (searching for new species in remote jungles).

Watch Here: https://youtu.be/TkXIkHMHhi8


- the crocodile clan of the Sepik River
- the Baining fire dancers
- the shark callers of the Trobriand Islands
- the smoked bodies of Aseki
- the Huli wigmen
- the Hagen wigmen
- the Asaro mudmen
- the Chimbu skeleton men.

Watch Here: https://youtu.be/pUUCjZqpSR8

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Darvin 200

Apie paskaitą:

Darwin200 live lecture from one of UK's remotest islands - today at 2pm UK time
Stewart McPherson is Project Lead for Darwin200, which is currently half way through circumnavigating the UK on stunning tall ship, Pelican of London, with specialist environmental scientists onboard to mentor a group of 10 young scientists conducting a health check of the UK waters.

Live lecture from Outer Hebrides

Stewart will conduct Darwin200's inaugural live lecture, today at 2pm UK time, from The Isle of Lewis. The island is the largest of the Outer Hebrides archipelago and home to 5000 years-old Calanais Standing Stones, pre-dating Stonehenge and the Egyptian Pyramids!

Stewart will also show you some old Scottish stone dwellings, an incredible whalebone arch and take you on a tour of our ship, so why not join us and find out about what we've been up to!

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